Welcome to my dusty corner of the Internet, Kimmscripts, where you can browse through my eclectic mix of miscellany.

Here you’ll mostly find things related to scripts in the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) for the virtual world of Second Life and perhaps some details of the few products I have for sale on the Second Life marketplace.

Important: Please read this notice about reduced support for kimmscripts products.

You can read a bit more about my philosophy and attitudes towards scripting on my ‘about’ page.  I may, from time to time, pop up an article about scripting in general, but I expect these to be somewhat few and far between.

Do feel free to wander around or put your feet up and have a browse at what I’ve been up to.

You might be interested in some of my free scripts, possibly my scripts for builders or maybe you’re here to see things I’ve built and sold? I also have a small, but growing, series of guides to help others run their SL business.

Unfortunately, as many find from time to time, RL is dominating all my time at present, so I have very little time, if any, for Second Life right now.  I’ve left this site as it is for anyone using my scripts or interested in what I’ve posted, and I will drop by from time to time, but generally speaking, you are wandering these dark, temporarily abandoned corridors on your own at present.

Either way, thank you for dropping by and do call back again if you get the chance.