Kimm’s Chinese Lantern 10 pack

This pack contains 10, single-use, disposable, transferable chinese lanterns. When rezzed each lantern will gently float upwards, lit from the fire below.

Each is no-mod, no-copy, but fully transferrable.

After 30 seconds the fire will go out and the latern is no more.

Ideal for weddings, parties, or just a bit of fun. As each lantern is transferrable, why not let some off with friends?

Note that as these lanterns use a sculpted prim, be sure that SL is behaving and your have a reasonable RenderVolumeLODSetting, otherwise your lantern might not look like a lantern when rezzed (and you only get one chance for each one)!


Buy from the marketplace …

Or buy in-world.


~ by kimmpaulino on May 17, 2011.

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