LM, Notecard, Group, URL Giver

This script can give out landmarks, a notecard, a URL or a group – depending on what is actually configured.

It can support up to two landmarks and a notecard – it will hand them out if they exist in the contents of the prim.  If gUrl or gGroup are not set to “” (i.e. empty) then it will give those out too.  gGroup can be set to either the group UUID that you want or if its set to OBJECT then it will use the UUID of the group that the object is set to.

Update: May 2012

This is a small bug fix to make the group links work properly – see the wiki page for the update.  If you already have this script then you can fix the bug yourself, by finding the following line in the script:

   llWhisper (0, "Click on the following link to join the group\nsecondlife://app/group/" + gGroup + "/about");

and adding an extra “/” between “secondlife://” and “app/group” as follows:

   llWhisper (0, "Click on the following link to join the group\nsecondlife:///app/group/" + gGroup + "/about");

If you are not comfortable pasting scripts from the web into SL you can buy a pre-packaged version of this script on the marketplace, or in-world at my store.



~ by kimmpaulino on May 25, 2011.

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