Move Up and Down

This script presents a smooth, gradual up and down floating movement.  It was originally designed for a slowly rising and falling prim (for sitting on).  It uses physical prim movements (i.e. prim physics) for a smoother movement.

If you want to move the item after rezzing, you’ll need to reset the script to get the new position.  The rezzed/reset position is considered the starting position, then it moves to the start + gOffset position using the MOVE_DAMPING and MOVE_TIME parameters to define the movement.  Play with them and see what works for you.

Update Jan 2012: Now includes a compensating factor for the downward movement, to allow for the Second Life bug SVC2441.  Play with the DOWN_CORRECTION number if it doesn’t quite give you the movement you want.

If you are not comfortable pasting scripts from the web into SL you can buy a pre-packaged version of this script on the marketplace, or in-world at my store.



~ by kimmpaulino on May 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Move Up and Down”

  1. Oe question is there a way to make the script turn on and off on touch?..I love the script but when I try to touch it again for it to stop it wont is there something I can enter or change any help would be great ty

  2. Yes – I’ll update it and get back to you.

    For any other readers who fancy having a go themselves, Angelic asked the same question of the SL scripting community and had an answer with details of how to do it, from Rolig Loon, here:


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