Multiple Notecard Giver

This script will present a dialog when touched, listing all the notecards in its inventory. If there are more notecards than will fit on a single page it adds next/back buttons as required.

Note that dialog buttons will only distinguish between the first 24 characters (if English text, less if in a different language) of text and the buttons will only show around 10 or so characters anyway.

Note that I wanted several people to be able to touch the prim at the same time, so the listen is always active.  Not the best practise I know, but its filtered to a random channel.  The paging doesn’t track multiple users either, so they’ll notice the next/back buttons sometimes skipping pages, but it will all still work.

If you are not comfortable pasting scripts from the web into SL you can buy a pre-packaged version of this script on the marketplace, or in-world at my store.



~ by kimmpaulino on June 7, 2011.

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