HUD Texture Changer

This script is a remote-control texture changer, operated via a HUD prim.  The same script and same textures should be placed in the HUD object and the objects to be controlled.

The controlled object can be used in-world or worn.

Once the HUD is worn, when touched it activates a dialog listing all the textures in the HUD (and therefore in the prims to be controlled) and when a texture is selected each prim is instructed to change its texture to the selected prim.

Update Jun 2012: Added better single-page dialog handling for when there are less than 12 textures. If you’ve purchased the previous version, prior to June 2012, then drop me a notecard and I’ll send you a free update.

Update Dec 2012: There was a bug in the ‘no-resizing’ version the script which stopped it working if the object was worn.  The resizing version was fine.  This is fixed in v4 on the marketplace.  Once again if you purchased a previous version and would like an update, drop me a notecard and I’ll send you a free update.


  • Only works when prims are in the same region as the HUD wearer.
  • Dialog buttons are limited to the first 10 characters of the textures in the prim’s inventory.
  • Remote prims and HUD must be owned by the same avatar.
  • HUD and prims MUST have the same textures installed in their inventories.
  • The texture is applied to all faces on the controlled prims.

There are two scripts in this package.  You only need to choose one to use.  One includes an option to automatically position and size the HUD for you.  This is best if this script is the only one being used in the HUD and you want the simplest option.  The other does not automatic resizing, so this will be needed if you have another script in your HUD to handle the positioning and size of the HUD or you are happy to preset that yourself using prim parameters.

Note that it doesn’t matter which script you use in your non-HUD objects.


  1. Create an object to be worn as the HUD and copy the script and all textures into it.
  2. Create an object to be controlled and copy the script and all the textures into it.
  3. Wear the HUD

Advanced Use:

  • The channel used for communications between the HUD and prims is determined by the object owner and an optional number in the prim’s description field.
  • If the same owner wishes to seperately control different sets of prims, a unique number must be placed in the HUD and prim’s description field to ensure that multiple HUDs and prims don’t interfere with each other.

Available with copy permissions for personal use and copy/trans for builders use.


Buy from the marketplace:

Or buy in-world.

If you purchase the personal version and then subsequently purchase the builders version, send me a notecard and I’ll refund the price of the personal one.  There are other possible purchase options for builders too.


~ by kimmpaulino on November 9, 2011.

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