Simple Tap Script

This script provides a touch-controlled simple tap (or faucett).

Recommended use is in a transparent prim within the opening/pipe of the tap.  If this transparent prim is made the root of your tap object, then touching anywhere on the tap will activate it.

Create the prim then copy in the tap script and the droplet texture.

If you wish to eliminate rez/render time for the texture, then it might be worth applying it to a hidden face of your object to ensure that when someone touches the tap the texture is preloaded by the viewer.

There are 3 modes: dripping, flowing and bursts.  On touch it cycles through them as follows:

Off -> dripping -> flowing -> burst -> flowing -> dripping -> off

If you wish to use your own droplet or water texture, then just copy it into the prim alongside the script instead of the droplet texture.  The script will automatically use the first texture it finds for the water in the tap.

This script is available as copy only for personal use or copy/trans for use by builders.


Buy from the marketplace

Or buy in-world.

If you purchase the personal version and then subsequently purchase the builders version, send me a notecard and I’ll refund the price of the personal one.  There are other possible purchase options for builders too.


~ by kimmpaulino on November 9, 2011.

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