Koinup/Flickr Gallery Scripts

There are three scripts (separately) available in total and each uses an external website to format your koinup or flickr photostream or your koinup favourites into a webpage that can be displayed on a prim using a “media on a prim” compatible viewer such as the official LL Viewer 2 or Firestorm.

You can buy in-world or from the marketplace:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are a “bit of fun” and rely on a freely-hosted, possibly unreliable (but fine so far) external website to function. These come with no warranty or guarantee that this website will be available at any specific time.  As such they could cease to function at any time and have no supported level of service.  I use this website myself for scripting so intend to keep it operational for the forseeable future.

If you plan to rely on these scripts for anything other than frivolous personal use please do get in touch as I am considering providing a package that includes the external scripts so you can arrange your own hosting.

There are three scripts all independently available.  All scripts pick a random picture from the appropriate gallery and show it on a prim.  The following galleries are available (in different scripts):

  • Flickr photostream
  • Koinup works stream
  • Koinup favourites

The username to use with the service is provided in the prim description by setting the description as follows:

name=<service username>

for example, for my own pictures, use:


You MUST reset the script after changing the prim description for it to be read by the script.

There is a menu available on touch to show the next picture or refresh the list of pictures from the gallery.  It is only performed on startup and on request.

As with any prim media, you have to “right click”->”touch” to activate the scripted menu, as the normal SL touch will go to the “prim webpage” not the prim.

This script can also function as a HUD if you wear the prim.  IMPORTANT take a copy of the prim first, as it will resize it to create a reasonable sized picture HUD.

By using these scripts you are content that both my 3rd party website and flickr/koinup will be contacted by your PC (and thus see your IP address) when you use these scripts.  Although, this is exactly the same as if you use your web browser to go to these sites too – they see you IP address then too.



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