Simple Prim Lighting

I have a simple script (and there are many versions of this basic theme out there if you care to look) that will turn a prim into a light source.  It has various modes and parameters you can adjust (all detailed at the top of the script) so you can specify:

  • Prim glow (this makes the prim look like its lighting up without generated light itself)
  • Light source (this makes the prim shine light independent of whether it looks like its lighting up or not!)
  • Light colour and intensity
  • Radius of light cast (i.e. how far the ‘shining’ light goes) and falloff values – play with these!

This will just toggle the light on and off on touch.

If you need something a little more complicated, I have a remotely switchable, multi-light/prim version of this script too (for sale).  See it here:

If you are not comfortable pasting scripts from the web into SL you can buy a pre-packaged version of this script on the marketplace, or in-world at my store.



~ by kimmpaulino on January 30, 2012.

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