Demo Rezzer

This script acts as a demo rezzing system.  It doesn’t do any actual vending/selling, it just rezzes objects for demonstration purposes only – to show off the objects for sale.


  • Standalone or multiple rezzer operation (sharing the same rezzing space)
  • Objects can automatically disappear after 2 minutes
  • Objects can be rotating if required
  • Objects can include additional position and rotation information if required
  • When a new object is rezzed the old one is automatically deleted

IMPORTANT: Only use copies of your objects in the demo rezzer!

The system does not require any configuration for the basic operation, it automatically picks the names of items to show in the menu, from the names of items dropped into the inventory.  However the position of the rezzing location and linking of different rezzers can be changed if required.


  • It cannot rez an object at anything other than zero rotation, so if your object needs to be positioned at a specific rotation, then that will have to be included in the objects description field (see later).
  • It cannot rez an object more than approximately 10m away from the rezzer prim.  If you wish to move objects further, or maybe include some extra positioning information (say one specific object needs to be higher) this too can be added to the objects description field (again, see later).

Scripts included in this package:

  • Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer
  • Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Object
  • Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Rotating Object
  • Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Object – auto disappear
  • Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Rotating Object – auto disappear

IMPORTANT: I did mention that you should take copies of your objects to be rezzed before adding any of these scripts and adding them to the rezzer didn’t I?

ALSO: Objects will need to be at least COPY permission for inclusion in the rezzer – otherwise once rezzed, the object will be gone from the rezzer’s inventory.

Scripts are provided as COPY only perms.  Full usage details are provided in the notecard supplied with the package (read a copy here).




~ by kimmpaulino on February 18, 2012.

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