Move up and down and rotate

Simple script, as suggested by the members of the Advanced Scripting in Second Life in-world group, that moves up and down and rotates at the same time.

The following parameters can be changed:

  • gMoveTime = time in seconds for each up/down movement
  • gOffset = where to move to (and back to)
  • gDegRot = rotation (in degrees, as a vector) for each move up and down.  Default is for 180 degrees as it goes up and the same as it comes back down
  • gTouchControl = TRUE or FALSE to enable, well, touch on/off control


  • The animation will go a little weird if it is taken into inventory whilst moving.
  • It can’t be used with a rezzer unless it is stopped (so touch control is mandatory to turn it back on).

This script uses llSetKeyframedMotion which only works on objects that use the new Prim Equivalency System, as required by Mesh objects.

If you are not comfortable pasting scripts from the web into SL you can buy a pre-packaged version of this script on the marketplace, or in-world at my store.



~ by kimmpaulino on February 23, 2012.

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