Kimm’s Pocket Money Guides

I am going to be creating a short series of “pocket money” guides detailing my personal thoughts and experiences about running a business in Second Life.

These will be documenting various aspects of running a SL business and they will be available freely on this website.  As I said, these are a personal view of things, there are plenty of other views to solicit too (the merchants forum on and virtual business forum on are great for that)!  Where practical I’ll try to include some links to other information too.

I’ll be providing a more handily packaged version of the guides using in-world notecards that can be bought for a small “pocket money” fee via my store in the Marketplace.  If you are happy cutting and pasting text from webpages into notecards, then there is nothing stopping you from creating your own, (go on, I don’t mind!), I’ve only provided the MP versions for convenience.

If you’d rather, then you can also pick up a free copy of the same notecard guides from my in-world store.

In the first few guides I’d like to tackle the subjects of general SL business marketing, how to use as a SL business website and working with scripters.  It is not my plan to duplicate any of the how-tos and tutorials already available for all the mechanics of running a business, but rather write down some of the more nebulous things that don’t tend to get written down, but are found through experience, mistakes and general word of mouth (or at least, word of type).

I am not an expert on any of these topics, but hopefully they are pragmatic, no-nonsense thoughts from someone doing all this “for real”.  I am learning all the time as I research things to run my own SL business.  All I’m hoping for, is that by writing down some of that experience it may be of use to others.  Many have been running businesses in SL for far longer than I, so you can’t assume anything I say is a recipe for any major success.

These guides will be accurate at the time of writing, but obviously, this being a rapidly moving field, the information will become out of date within a relatively short space of time.  Consequently, if a guide is more than a year old, I suggest you don’t buy it but read the free versions instead!  I would like to think I’d be able to update them from time to time though.

Remember – these are my personal opinions, not any right or wrong answer.  The are certainly not any kind of “get rich quick” plan. As they say on the Internet, “your mileage may vary” and remember most businesses take a significant amount of time and effort to get established – being virtual doesn’t change that.

By far the very best advice I can offer right now, is to remember that in Second Life, only start a business if it is part of the fun of being in-world for you.  If it’s not fun, then I would strongly recommend you don’t bother.  There are far more easier ways to make money!

Hopefully you’ll find some of my guides useful.



~ by kimmpaulino on June 29, 2012.

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