Ornamental Jumping Fountains

This is the fully configurable version of the script I produced for my jumping fountains (as showcased at the SL Home and Garden Expo 2012).

The script is very configurable and will support a number of jumping fountains in various combinations, including the option for a remote control box to turn the display on and off.

Configuration is performed using drag-and-drop to add notecards to the prim containing the script.  A range of sample notecards are provided with the script to be dragged into the prims contents.

For example, to set up a 4 fountain display with an on/off control box:
a) Create 5 linked prims
b) drag the “long_droplet” texture to the 4 prims to become fountains
c) drag one of each of the “fountain=N” notecards to the 4 prims to become fountains
d) drag the “autotimings” notecard to all 5 prims
e) drag the “controlbox” notecard to the prim to become the control box

If you want a sequenced display, the prims must be linked and will trigger in the order of the fountain numbers – 1, 2, 3 then 4, as specified by the “fountain=N” notecards.

The display triggers automatically and will keep triggering after a short, random time.

More advanced configuration options and examples can be found in the included notecard (copied here).

This script is available as copy only for personal use or copy/trans for use by builders.


Buy from the marketplace

Or buy in-world.

If you purchase the personal version and then subsequently purchase the builders version, send me a notecard and I’ll refund the price of the personal one.  There are other possible purchase options for builders too.


~ by kimmpaulino on July 16, 2012.

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