Linkable Teleport

Most teleports work on the basis of getting an avatar to “sit” on them (often, it renames the “sit” option on the menus to “teleport” or similar), move the object and avatar to a new location, unsit the avatar and then move the object back to its original position.

This works fine, except when you want a teleport to be linked to something else.  In that case, sitting on it and teleporting will move the entire object.  Also, depending on the order of your prims, the “sit” might actually be redirected to another prim, or worst still, something else that should be a real sit (a chair or something) might end up teleporting you instead.

One way around that is this linked teleport.  It works in two steps.  First, touch the master prim, which can be linked to the rest of your build. This will rez a temporary teleport at the required location, which can then be touched separately and perform the teleport.  It will then delete itself ready for the next person to touch the master prim again and rez a new teleport.

This teleport provides a single destination, in one direction.  To teleport back, create another one at the destination.  This script does not support multiple destinations from the same teleport.

This is available with a copy only version for personal use and a copy/trans version for builders use.

Detailed instructions are provided in the accompanying notecard (also available here).


Buy from the marketplace:

Or buy in-world.

If you purchase the personal version and then subsequently purchase the builders version, send me a notecard and I’ll refund the price of the personal one.  There are other possible purchase options for builders too.


~ by kimmpaulino on July 25, 2012.

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