Remote Control Appear/Dissappear

This is a very similar script to my Remote Control Lighting script.

It is a simple script that can control a prim to make it appear/dissappear and also act as a control switch.  When used in a set of linked prims, every prim with the script can be touched and will make all other prims containing the script appear or dissappear.

If you wish one of the prims to only be a controlling switch and not to appear/dissappear itself, then name that prim (using the “name” field) “switch” (without the quotes).

You can have as many switches and appearing prims as you wish – they just all need to be linked to control each other.

If you wish to have independent switches and appearing prims in the same link set then you can add a unique number to the prim description field.  Then a switch will only control the prims with a matching number.

Example – you have 2 prims to control and 2 switches that you wish to control them independently, so you put the script into all four prims and link them together, then name them as follows:
* Switch 1 name = switch
* Switch 1 description = 1
* Appearing prim 1 description = 1
* Switch 2 name = switch
* Switch 2 description = 2
* Appearing prim 2 description = 2

This script is available as copy only for personal use or copy/trans for use by builders.


Buy from the marketplace

Or buy in-world.

If you purchase the personal version and then subsequently purchase the builders version, send me a notecard and I’ll refund the price of the personal one.  There are other possible purchase options for builders too.


~ by kimmpaulino on September 7, 2012.

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