HTTP Server and Client Test Scripts

I have a couple of simple scripts that are based on the advice on the wikis that show how to do simple prim to prim communications using HTTP but without requiring an external webserver.  The advantages of prim to prim HTTP is that the prims can be anywhere inworld.  Alternatives to communicating this way are to use XML-RPC or llEmail (all the details you need are on the wiki).

There are two pairs of demo scripts.  The first is the simplest and sets up a prim-based webserver that returns a simple message whenever a client – which can be a normal webbrowser or another prim – requests it.  This shows one-way server to client communications when requested by the client.

The second shows the communications the other way round – the client ‘posts’ a message to the server, which the webserver then displays in local chat.

These are proof of concept scripts and so probably not a lot of use on their own, but they should show enough of the basic principles of using prim-based HTTP communications to get you started.

They do not attempt to show how to do HTTP communications to an external webserver – for that, I recommend taking a look at



~ by kimmpaulino on November 17, 2012.

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