During my time in Second Life I’ve had a chance to reinvent some wheels whilst learning how scripting in SL works.  This site supports some of the scripts I’ve written for people, have put out via my page on the SL wiki or have sold.

It also acts as a home for anything I might happen to put up on the SL Marketplace.

What you will find here

Hopefully some useful, readable scripts that I’ve put together for people over the years to solve a problem or for my own purposes to work out how something works in LSL/SL.

You’ll also find one or two of the simple products using my scripts that you may buy if you wish.

You can also read my guide to working with scripters.

What you won’t find here

“Clever”, compact, optimised code.  I prefer to take the view that you write readable code first then optimise it if necessary.  You write code once but will read it many times, so any savings made whilst writing (programming shortcuts, obfuscation, etc) will be more than offset by any extra puzzlement or additional thinking required each time you (or someone else) has to read it again in the future.

However, LSL is not an environment for encouraging good software engineering.  You have to use workarounds for bugs, “learn” obscure features of the function calls, optimise for efficiency over readability, and utilise third party tools if you want any sane configuration management and reusability.

Most of LSL has been documented by scripters via trial and error, an amazing feat in its own right, but being across two wikis, hidden in Jira issues and forums, it can take a long while to find all the nuances of even some of the simple functions.  I can’t promise to have noticed all the “obvious lessons” that those who have been here since the start will take for granted.  However I’m always happy to be corrected (how else can we learn?) and will help anyone understand why I’ve written something the way I have.

There are massive libraries of free scripts and code, but some of it is hard to understand, poorly commented or has been written in a very “clever” (read obscure) way.  Of course some of it is excellent too.  The trick is to find the good bits.

Hopefully those working their way through the foibles of LSL might find a short cut or two by taking some of these simple scripts as a starting point.  I’ve tried to explain what I’m doing and am more than happy to answer questions as far as I can.

Use or ignore as you will.

Kimm Paulino

April 2011


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