Demo Rezzer Instructions

== Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer ==

This script acts as a demo rezzing system.  It doesn’t do any actual vending/selling, it just rezzes objects for demonstration purposes only – to show off the objects for sale.

* Standalone or multiple rezzer operation
* Objects can automatically disappear after 2 minutes
* Objects can be rotating if required
* Objects can include additional position is required
* When a new object is rezzed the old one is deleted

IMPORTANT: Only use copies of your objects in the rezzer!

* It cannot rez an object at anything other than zero rotation, so if your object needs to be positioned at a specific rotation, then that will have to be included in the objects description field (see later).
* It cannot rez an object more than approximately 10m away from the rezzer prim.  If you wish to move objects further, or maybe include some extra positioning information (say one specific object needs to be higher) this too can be added to the objects description field (again, see later).

Scripts included in this package:
* Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer
* Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Object
* Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Rotating Object
* Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Object – auto disappear
* Kimm Scripts Demo Rezzer Rotating Object – auto disappear

IMPORTANT: I did mention that you should take copies of your objects to be rezzed before adding any of these scripts and adding them to the rezzer didn’t I?

ALSO: Objects will need to be at least COPY permission for inclusion in the rezzer – otherwise once rezzed, the object will be gone from the rezzer’s inventory.

== Single Rezzer Operation ==

Just put the Rezzer script into a prim along with the copies of the object(s) to be rezzed.  Each object to be rezzed will need ONE of the object scripts in it before it is stored in the Rezzer.  Make sure you only add the script to copies of your objects for inclusion in the rezzer to ensure you don’t lose your work should something go wrong!

If there are more than one object in the prim then on touch, the user is presented with a dialog listing all objects in the prim.  The selected object is then rezzed.

All items are rezzed, by default, 2m away in the positive Y direction from the location of the rezzer prim. If you wish to set a different location for rezzing, put the full region coordinates in the rezzer’s prim description field.

So, for example, if you wish to have objects rezzing just above your rezzer prim, rez a test object and position it in the correct place to show it off, then take the coordinates from the objects ‘edit’ menu (object tab) and use these in the rezzer prim’s (not the object) description field (‘edit’ menu, General tab).

Example – the values from the edit->object tab are as follows:
Position (meters)
x = 26.2683
y = 89.5490
z = 23.2062

Then you need to set the rezzers prim description (edit->general tab) to the following:
<26.2683, 89.5490, 23.2062>

Alternatively you could look at the same values for the rezzer prim itself, and just add the correct amount to the Z number (if you want the object above the rezzer).

Once the coordinates have been added to the rezzer prim description, reset the script for it to take effect.

== Multiple Rezzer Operation ==

This allows multiple prims to share the same rezzing location – each can be touched to rez a new object, replacing any object already rezzed.

Operation is the same as for single rezzer operation – i.e. each Rezzer will contain copies of your objects.  All objects need one of the object scripts  (as before – use copies!)

Once again the rezzing position is set using the rezzer prim description field.

IMPORTANT: This has to be set for each Rezzer prim.

== Multiple Independent Rezzer Operation ==

If you wish to install several rezzers that don’t interact with each other, that is possible too.  The trick is to ensure that the Rezzers all have different names, as the communications between Rezzer and rezzed object is based on the Rezzer prim names.

Also be sure to set different rezzing locations for each Rezzer prim to avoid your objects being rezzed on top of each other.

== Objects with non-zero rotations ==

As described at the start, if you objects to be rezzed need a specific rotation set then this needs to be added to the description field /of the object/ (not the rezzer).

This sets a rotation in degrees for the X, Y and Z directions respectively and will be applied when the object is rezzed (for example <0.0, 90.0, 0.0> for 90 degrees around the Y axis).

Use the object tab of the edit menu for your object-to-rez to get the rotation numbers required, then write these numbers into the description field of the object (which is on the general tab of the edit menu).

So, say your object has the following values set in the rotation boxes of the edit->object tab:

Rotation (degrees)
x = 90.000
y = 0.000
z = 245.340

Then the description (edit->General) will have to be set to the following:
<90.000, 0.000, 245.340>

(note that there are decimal points in each number, followed by a comma – i.e. lessthan-nine-zero-dot-zero-comma-space-zero-dot-zero-comma and so on …)

Once this rotation has been set in the prim description, take the prim into your inventory and then drag it over to the rezzer’s inventory to use it.

== Additional Position Adjustments for Objects ==

You can specify an additional position to be added to the rezzing position if need be.  This can be used to move objects further than the rezzer can support (i.e. further than 10m away) or to provide per object adjustments.

To add a position offset, it must be included in <> brackets after the rotation, separated by a “:” (colon).  If no rotation is required, then use a rotation of all zeros as follows:
<0.0, 0.0, 0.0>:<0.0, 0.0, 1.0>

This is raise the object 1m above the rezzing point.

This has to be set for every object to be adjusted.  Remember these are relative coordinates.  I didn’t use region coordinates otherwise if you moved your rezzer/rezzing point you’d have to change every object too.

== Usage notes and Help ==

Q: The dialog buttons don’t make much sense.
A: The buttons are taken from the names of the objects, so you can name the objects whatever you like.  Note though that only the first 10 or so characters tend to make it to the dialogs.

Q: I’ve changed the rezzing location but its being ignored.
A: Make sure you reset the rezzer script after changing the rezzing location in the prim description.

Q: I’ve changed the names of the Rezzing prims, but they are still deleting each others objects.
A: Make sure you reset the rezzer scripts after changing the rezzer prim’s name.

Q: The rezzer rezzed  my object but now it doesn’t appear in the list anymore to be selected.
A: You have to make sure that the objects have copy permissions, otherwise once rezzed, it is gone from the rezzer.



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