Special Options for Builders

This is a bit of an experiment, but I don’t want up front cost to be an inhibitor to you using my products if you think they might do what you need.  I remember all too well how hard it is to get established!

Here are some discount options I am prepared to consider.  These may be withdrawn at anytime if I don’t think they are working out, but I’m going to give them a go.

You will have to purchase the package first and then send me a notecard with details of your plans and I’ll treat each one I receive on a case by case basis. I may have to decide not to follow it through, which is a risk to yourself (you might not get the discount offered here after purchasing the script). If I do follow through, then I am putting my trust in you to follow up on your side of the deal, so in that case the risk is for me :)

Testing using Personal Versions

If you’ve bought one of the personal versions of my scripts to try them out before committing to purchasing the builders version (which I totally recommend!), then drop me a notecard in-world when you eventually buy the builders version and I’ll refund you the cost of the personal one.

In-world Advertising

If you wish to put up an advertising board for Kimm Scripts and Synz Creations somewhere in your own in-world shop, I’m happy to give you a 10% discount on any Kimm Scripts builder’s products.

Drop me a notecard in-world and I’ll send you a texture and landmark for a board that you can put up somewhere.

Then let me know where the board is. Ideally, I’d probably be looking for something like at least a 3 month placement in your store, but I’m happy to give you 10% refund on any Kimm Scripts builders products during that time.  Just send me a notecard after your purchases with the details and I’ll give you your refund.


I’ll give a 5% refund of any kimmscripts product if you add a review of it to the marketplace.  Again drop me a notecard telling me which product you’ve reviewed and I’ll repay your discount.

If you plan to give me a negative review, do please get in touch with your concerns first so I have  chance to address them.  I don’t want it to get to the stage of you leaving a negative review if there is something I could have done to help.

Shared Earnings

If you wish, I can give an up-front discount on Kimm Scripts builders products in return for split earnings on what you build with my scripts instead.  To do this I’d be looking for a bit more in return, as this assumes an awful lot of trust between us :)

I can’t give exact figures, as it very much depends on how much you sell your things for and how many you think you’ll sell.  But here are some simple examples:

My Product Cost My Refund to you Your Item Price Minimum Required Sales Percentage of your item price I’d need
L$1000 L$250 L$100 10 50%
L$1000 L$500 L$100 15 75%
L$1000 L$750 L$100 20 75%
L$1000 L$250 L$1000 2 25%
L$1000 L$500 L$1000 4 25%
L$1000 L$750 L$1000 6 25%

I will be trusting that you will follow through with setting up split takings in the marketplace or in your vendors.  Of course, anticipating sales of 20 or more is very ambitious, so I’d probably be looking for a more realistic “around 10” or less required sales for a return.  It all depends on how much discount you need to get going, how many products you are typically able to sell and how much you sell them for.  Also, it might take a while to see anything at all (depending on how often you build things for sale).

And naturally I probably won’t know if you don’t send anything my way (or if you start with things split but then take me off), but I would hope that if we manage to reach some kind of agreement we’d both be able to follow it up.

I am always keen to see what people do with my scripts.

So, if this appeals, send me a notecard in-world with your plans – what you’d like to build, maybe some links to similar items you’ve already built, and what you plan the percentage and estimated sales might be (in what timescale), and if I think its a realistic possibility, I’ll let you know and when you actually buy the product I’ll refund you your discount.

I accept that not all things will be a success, so anticipate that some of your product might not sell, but I hope that in general this scheme works and it helps you either get started or perhaps get some new products off the ground.



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